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So after totally slacking on the blog scene for quite some time, I was invited to attend my very first blogger event this week by the Colour Elements team in collaboration with The Body Shop. I was very surprised I had been chosen to attend considering my complete lack of posts in recent months, but I seen it as an opportunity to get back into the swing of things. So I'm back to tell you all about it and hopefully this time I’ll be back for good!! 

First things first, I realised I didn't know anyone who would be going which made me really nervous, but decided I would definitely be RSVPing ‘YES’ as it was an opportunity I didn't want to pass up. Then came the ‘what do I wear?’ drama which if you know me you'll know happens any time I have a night out or an important event. It usually consists of a fashion show, a few tantrums, loads of pictures sent to friends for opinions, a few outfit changes and the entire contents of my wardrobe on the floor.  All that being said, I was excited for the chance to meet new people, try out new products and learn more about the businesses involved, so I went and I’m so glad I did.

I’ll just give you a quick idea of what Colour Elements is all about. It’s a styling company which helps customers find what colours best compliment their complexion and appearance so that they can build a wardrobe which will always have them looking at their best. It allows them to build a more sustainable wardrobe and get the best out of it. If you'd like to find out more, visit their website

When arriving at the beautiful setting within Castle Galleries in Princes Square, I was greeted by the lovely Ella from Colour Elements and the girls from The Body Shop. Everyone made me feel so welcome and it wasn't long before I had the pleasure of a Colour ID consultation from Karen, the expert stylist. She recommended the colours that will complement my complexion without overpowering and those colours were from the elements Air and Fire. There are four elements so once you know the elements which suit you best you can start to build outfits and colour schemes using their app (which will make more sense when you actually see it). Luckily, I was wearing a top which was perfect for myself, so this will be going straight into my capsule wardrobe which I am in the process of creating. You'll find out more about this in upcoming posts.

There were loads of other Bloggers there which I had the pleasure to chat to. I met a lovely bunch of girls who were so friendly and helpful as I’m a total newbie to the whole blogging scene. I also realised I'm a bit of a technophobe when it comes to twitter so its nice to meet people who've been doing this for a lot longer than me who can offer support and advice. Thanks girls for making my experience so enjoyable, I look forward to getting to know you all better (once I get a hang of this whole twitter thing!!).

On top of this, there was lots of tasty food and cocktails to try from Zizzis and Sugar Dumplin and some new products from The Body Shop to try out. I was even lucky enough to have a skin consultation and some samples to try out. On the whole, I had a very positive experience for my very first blogger event and I can’t wait until the next one. I left with loads of great tips from Colour Elements, an amazing goody bag from The Body Shop, new friendships, and a fire in my belly to get back into Charlene Does Beauty! Thank you so much to Colour Elements for inviting me and for putting on such a great event. 

Love always, 
Charlene xx

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